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Intravenous (IV) fluid treatments are the most efficient way to deliver hydration, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and medications to the body.

Oral intake of fluids and supplements are broken down by stomach acids and the digestive process, resulting in 50-60 % (or less) absorption by the body. IV fluids are administered directly into the blood stream, by-passing the need for digestion, resulting in 100 % absorption by the body. Higher absorption results in more immediate relief and recovery.

Our concierge spa and mobile services make access to the same hydration treatments that hospitals, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms deliver.

Our custom formulated specialty cocktails, assembled highly-trained hydration teams, and made access to hydration therapy available without unnecessary obstacles. Our flexibility allows us to deliver our hydration therapy experience in our office spa, at the bedside or mobile. Your journey to hydration is no longer bound or limited by barriers.

Our Services


Our broad range of drips offer a wide range of intravenous hydration therapies for athletes, cancer patients, patients suffering from hangovers, flu common cold or simply energy depletion amongst others. These can all be administered at our location or if you prefer we can come to you with our mobile service!

Vitamin Boosters

Easy, convenient and fast delivery of shots catered to your individual needs. If you are needing a little extra energy boost, vitamin B12 is the shot for you. 


If you are looking into getting a refreshed and wrinkle free expression, come and visit us for botox! Practically pain free and done in under 20 minutes, botox will prevent wrinkles from forming, usually lasts between 3-4 months and also treats tension headaches and migraines!
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If you are struggling to lose weight, schedule a consultation for our prescription Semaglutide injection weight loss. This breakthrough medication has witnessed patients losing 15 % of their body weight, and a large percentage have seen results up to 20% weight loss. Schedule your consultation today and see if this program is right for you.


Basic Vitamin IV

Starting $125

Vitamin hydration for energy, immune boost and basic hydration.  1000 ml basic IV: Vit. C and Vitamin B complex

Customized Drip

Starting at $145

Customize with any of our vitamins.  Up to 3 additions to the Basic Vitamin IV. 

 Gold Standard for overall wellness. Magnesium Cl @ 9.65mg/ml, B1 @ 1.62 mg/ml, B2 @ 3.23 mg/ml, B3 @ 1.62 mg/ml, B5 @ 4.07 mg/ml, B6 @ 1.63 mg/ml, B12 Hydroxo @ 0.1 mg/ml, Calcium Gluc @ 4.03 mg/ml, Ascorbic Acid @ 64.4 mg/ml



Starting at $165

Rehydration vitamins to give your body energy. anti-stress. helping with immunity support while allowing for a body detox. Sustaining hair, skin and nails. Fights cold/flu symptoms with anti-nausea and anti-pain. Help treat symptoms in patients with Flu, Common Cold, Food Poisoning, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Seasonal Allergies, Energy depletion, Migraines, Stress and much more. 

Facial Filler

Starting $650



Starting at $150



Weight Loss

Injections Starting at $129



$10/unit 20+ units OR $12/unit under 20 units

Botox House Party Host Discount 20%

Allergan Botox



All drips starting at $95
B12 additional $10

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